Roads, bridges and structures

Roads, bridges and structures

Construction of access to City   

Castellón. Spain

Total built area: 15.000 sqm

Construction of bridges, bridge brackets and bridge and water flow tunnel in Castellón and Valencia.

Development of Castellón's airport facilities in Cabanes (Castelon de la Plana, Spain).

Sponsor: Diputación Provincial de Castellón

Date: June-October 2008

Support, supervision and monitoring of the works and modified project works: conditioning and preparation of the road C-238.  Accesses to Castellon and Universidad Jaime I in Castellón, Spain

Public Administration: C.I.T. Generalitat Valenciana
Date: September 1997 - June 1999

Writing Project and works management South Round Castellón

Sponsor: City of Castellón

Basic project designs of the eastern bypass to Castellón. Environmental Impact Study and Description of Goods to expropriate.

Sponsor: City of Castellón

Date: November 1996

Technical assistance support to the Directorate of Works and amended draft Round works Burriana (Castellón, Spain).

Promoter: C.I.T. Generalitat Valenciana

Date: July 1999 - January 2002

Technical assistance and supervision of works amended draft of the new road connection between Highways CV-10 and CV-13 and access to Castellon Airport.

Promoter: C.I.T. Generalitat Valenciana

Date: May 2007 - February 2011

Basic Project, Environmental Impact Study Landscape Integration of the CV-12, Sector Ares del Maestre-Morella. Castellón.

Promoter: C.I.T. Generalitat Valenciana

Date: 2010


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