Anora's technical team has made numerous performances marinas Valencia, among them, Castellón, Burriana, Canet and working in Valencia.
One of the contributions in the designs of the nautical world Anora is to connect the urban fabric of the city marina.
A clear example is the square of the sea from the port of Castellón, which combines the moorings and marina berths with a tertiary area (restaurants, pubs, cinemas, kiosks, etc..) Offering a wide range of deals to users and visitors.
Therefore, Anora has professionals to develop water projects needed.

Project and development, colaboracón with the architectural firm Octógono, new port facilities Castellon (Castellon de la Plana, Spain): Plaza del Mar, Moll de Costa, Building Multicines and tertiary (restoration), Focal emergencies.

Extending the Burriana's Yacht Club (Castellón, Spain)

Urbanization nautical area of Puerto Siles, Canet de Bereguer(Valencia, Spain).

Anora Company and CYES collaborate on projects such as:

Pier south of the south basin of the port of Sagunto (Valencia, Spain)

Contracting Authority: Port Authority of Valencia

Year of Completion: Ongoing

Lead time: 17 months

Features: Construction of a pier reinforced concrete caissons of 880 m long and 16.5 m casting, the pier was formed reinforced concrete caissons 22 40 m long, 16.75 m wide and 17.5 m strut, spring foundation consists trench dredged to elevation of 18.60 m breakwater flush curbside.


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