Its operation is based on respect for the environment and energy saving.
The complex will include photovoltaic solar panels for lighting, rainwater collection, wastewater treatment, as well as a principal building for the park management.
This entire means as well as a benefit for the environment, significant savings for companies installed in the Industrial Park.
Controlled system for waste management: It has a central waste for collection and thus facilitating proper management.
Water Treatment Plant: will have a sewage treatment plant with a capacity for all the industries established in the polygon, making the water purification with the most advanced methods.

Security Service: The center will have a control of entrance and exit for people and vehicles of urbanization and a professional security service24 hours a day.
Maintenance and cleaning: the Environmental Industrial Park Les Coves has maintenance and cleaning service which is responsible for the operation of the facilities of the whole Park

Design, assembly, installation and maintenance of sewage treatment in a grinding company.

Design, assembly, installation of water treatment plant in a ceramic company.

In these images we can see the condition in which water enters the treatment plant and as she leaves after treatment.

Atmospheric emissions filter installed on a ceramic co.

Atmospheric emissions filter installed on a ceramic co.

Patented system for hospital waste treatment Valenciana of wastes.

LM Glasfiber, selected by the Generalitat Valenciana and Acciona as a manufacturer of wind turbine blades for wind farm development Plan of the Valencian Community.

Global Industry Leader blade manufacturing.

Warehouse of 11.000 m2 with a major HVAC as well as having three crane, fire protection system, suction and filtration system, offices and locker rooms, etc..

The warehouse is located in Coves of Vinromà (Castellón, Spain)

Access road and civil works Sestrica and Sierra de la Virgen wind farms in Calatayud (Teruel, Spain), 1st Phase.

Contracting Entity: Wind Farms Sierra la Virgen

Contract amount: € 6.519.067,30

Windfarm "Bancal - Los Siglos" (Cadiz, Spain).

Contracting entity: Vestas Wind, S.A.U.

Contract amount: € 3.477.464,61

Windfarm "Las Gorgas" (Cadiz, Spain).

Contracting entity: Vestas Wind, S.A.U.

Contract amount: € 1.125.362,80


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