Anora Investments

Anora Investments

It is the company that is the owner of the group assets.
She develops the urban property land in several municipalities in the Valencia Region. Namely:

  1. Burriana (Private GolfSantGregori)
  2. Castellón
  3. Albalat Tarongers
  4. Betxí
  5. Vilafamés

This company covers all commercial sites and properties owned by the Group in the province of Castellón. Some of them are rented.
It also has some orange farms like the one in Camarles (Tarragona) with more than 32ha.dedicated to orange production.
Absara Investments is the Group company that has shares in construction and industrial companies that we can see below:

  1. GSC (Gestiune si Constructii)
  2. GyC group
  3. Industrial AbsaraS.L.
  4. Awa


  • Teléfono
    +34 964 517 628
  • Fax
    +34 964 517 628
  • Dirección
    Carrer Sant Jaume, 12,
    12530 Borriana, Castelló