Anora Concessions

Anora Concessions

This is the public concession operating company of the group basically in car parkings.

One of the priorities set out in the Group's Strategic Plan is the development of resources and constant incomes therefore concessions are looking to explore and in which to invest.
Within the framework of Environment, Anora does not only want, for example, building water treatment facilities, but also be in charge of its operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is in advanced stage the incorporation to the Group of industrial waste concessions treatment in northern Castellón and Zaragoza.

At present it is pending to obtain building licenses for the construction and subsequent operation for managing 50 years of parking concession in the city of Zaragoza. This car parking has 379 parking spaces and is situated just in front the Universitary Hospital.


  • Teléfono
    +34 964 517 628
  • Fax
    +34 964 517 628
  • Dirección
    Carrer Sant Jaume, 12,
    12530 Borriana, Castelló